The news that broke out in Manus Island and their treatment of refugees showed the world the reality about this particular issue while also revealing that changes that need to be implemented in order to fix this problem. Manus Island has become known as a harsh symbol of Australia’s approach to refugees. The government however is looking for some ways on how to resolve this case.

The first step can be seen with the PNG ruling Manus Island Detention to be Illegal. Papua New Guinea’s Supreme Court has ruled Australia’s detention of asylum seekers on Manus Island is illegal. A panel of five judges ruled that detention on PNG breached asylum seekers’ fundamental human rights and breached the right to personal liberty in the PNG constitution. It was indeed a lost cause with many believing that Manus Island detention center money could have better spent on services. For instance, Green senator Sarah Hanson-Young said the centres were not only “cruel and illegal” but also immensely expensive to operate. Ms Hanson-Young said, “This money would be better spent on schools, hospitals and support for the homeless, but instead the government has spent billions on being cruel to people seeking asylum.”

With Manus Island closing soon, there is a need to find a suitable location to accommodate the refugees. Many believe that Manus refugees likely to be relocated to Christmas Island and Nauru. Christmas Island and Nauru are firming as the likely destinations for the detainees on Manus Island, with the closure of the detention centre imminent, according to Papua New Guinea officials.

The local government is not the only ones who can help the refugee situation in Australia. The community as well can take part in helping spread the much needed awareness to others about this particular issue. Working hand in hand together to spread their cause has also become much easier today with the emergence of social media. One can share articles, news and other related information over their respective social media profiles today. Australian lawyers also have a better understanding about this matter and getting in touch with them is a good way for one to have some extent of an overview about the refugee problem in Australia.

It is also good to hear that in the present, there are several organizations that share the same vision and ideals about refugee. The Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) for instance, is the national umbrella body for refugees and the organisations and individuals who support them. It has more than 200 organisational and over 900 individual members. RCOA’s core purpose is to promote the development of humane, lawful and constructive policies towards refugees and asylum seekers. To inform their positions on policy matters, they undertake research into a wide variety of issues affecting refugees and asylum seekers.

There is also Asylum Seeker Resource Center or ASRC which is a community-lead, not-for-profit organisation that is committed to upholding the human rights of all people seeking asylum as well as Australian Refugee Association or ARA who believe in the capacity and desire of refugees to be productive citizens through contributing to the social, cultural and economic life in Australia. You will find similar organizations you can join in simply by looking them up over the internet today.