Forming a relationship with god and living in the footsteps of Jesus’s word have always played an important role in the faith and community of Christianity.

With just under half the worlds population having been presided over via some element of Christian influence; the America’s, Europe and Asia. Many extraordinary stories have emerged throughout the centuries of miracles occurring that only can be described as an act of God and the direct result of Christians being healed with the aid of Prayer.

Many of those who have been healed suffer from debilitating ailments that effect the quality of life of the individual effected. Every thinking from blindness, being unable to walk, hearing problems such as otosclerosisGod’s healing power has been experienced by many through the ages.

Part of the great commission Christ has given us as disciples is to go out and “heal the sick” (MARK 16). Many can testify of how God has miraculously intervened in their lives and how they have been healed by the power of God. This sheet gives many of the scriptures that talk about God’s healing power.


Jesus WANTS to heal us.

JOHN 14:12

Greater works shall we do.

MARK 16:15-20

Great commission.

ACTS 10:38

Jesus healed ALL that were oppressed of the Devil.

ISAIAH 49:15

God wants to heal us – we are His children.

LUKE 4:18

We are to deliver the “captives”; give sight to the blind, etc.

MARK 5:35-40*

Jesus “touched” the people – but unbelief must be removed!

JOHN 20:30-31

Jesus did miracles so that the people would believe Him.

MARK 11:23-24

Speak unto sicknesses & diseases! – believe and receive! No recorded place in the Bible where the disciples ever prayed for the sick after the day of Pentecost! It doesn’t say “talk to God” – but “speak to the problem!”

JOHN 8:44

Satan murders, lies and is no truth!

PSALM 107:20

God sends His Word and heals, and delivers from destruction. Make sure all hear The Promises in this Word!


Jesus had people put their faith into action!

MARK 3:5

“Stretch forth thine hand.”

JOHN 5:8

“Rise, take up thy bed, and walk.”

JOHN 9:7     

“Go, wash in the pool of Siloam.”